HubSpot Content Marketing Certification Review

Popularly known for a range of efficient automation, analytics and HubSpot CRM tools, you can also find a wide range of free online marketing and sale certifications for the aspiring professionals in marketing and sales at HubSpot Academy. There is a litany of courses available here. I chose to take Content Marketing this time. With a maximum of 6.5-hour effort, you can earn the HubSpot Content Marketing Certification, including the online course and subsequent test.


The Due Course

The courseware for Content Marketing certification consists of 10 broad topics ranging from understanding content marketing, storytelling and effective writing to long-term strategy planning, repurposing and promoting content, analysing results and growth marketing. Each of these topic comprises of 3 discrete videos covering the whats, whys and hows. The 5-hour videos extensively cover the science behind content marketing. You can take a quick look at the Study Guide here.

Testing Time

It is up to you if you want to take the test before or after viewing the videos, though I would suggest taking it after. A minimum score of 75% will let you sail through this test. However, if you don’t clear it, don’t give up yet. You can always wait for 48 hours to make another attempt. The test hurls 60 multiple choice questions at you that are to be answer in a span of 1.5 hours. I found it fairly sufficient for any average learner. An good feature of the test was the checkboxes that allowed me to tick mark the questions I would like to revisit before submitting. Rather than going through the whole test and skipping a few dicey ones, I could just mark a few of them and be done with it. Broadly, the test covers the technical questions from the content marketing domain. Although there were a few irrelevant questions picked from deep corners of the video narratives. (Probably to check if you have skimmed through the material.) Hence, the videos before test.

The Technique

While taking the course, you will notice that each category is narrated by a different person. Don’t worry, there are no major accent switches in there. The narrators duly expand upon the content marketing strategy, taking many of the HubSpot’s clients as examples, while including a few hypothetical ones too. On the other hand, it begins to feel more theoretical when the analysis tools are not demoed, just mentioned. If we leave that aside, overall this is a useful content marketing course online.


If we look at the value add from this certification, it would be like all the other certifications. As in, it is all just formulas until you use them in solving problems. Rest assured, a HubSpot certificate can make your LinkedIn wall and resume more appealing.

Like mine did! Take a look!



My Rating: 3.5/5


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