Dear Zindagi – Film Review

Directed by the director of superb-in-taste English Vinglish, Dear Zindagi proved to be a potboiler.dear-zindagiThe film focussed on the crisis faced by people who “supposedly” possess everything in life. Rather than revolving around the poor, victims or downtrodden, Gauri Shinde attempted to scrutinise the problems of people who have reached the stage of self-actualisation (in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). The unresolved issues, the stigmas and the prejudices that seep into the very elitest of the breed become the subject of the say.

The film also tries to strike out the taboo associated with reaching out help for mental health while mildly mentioning some of the key reasons of pain points that affects people, namely, bad experiences in childhood, importance of parents’ role in shaping our lives and how one should never suffer in silence.

A round of applause for choosing such a delicate topic to bring it in forefront. However, in an attempt to touch these topics, the film had an underperforming storyline that failed to engage or leave an impact on audience. We wouldn’t have minded a three-hour flick if that’s all it takes to elaborate upon such untouched aspects of life.


Acting wise, no one could have pulled it off better than Alia Bhatt. We were a little disappointed with a low-key performance from a star like SRK. You don’t always have to take unnecessary pauses to giveaway the thrill of a key dialogue, sir. Also, stark change in behaviour of Raghuvendra, Sid and Rumi after Kaira’s therapy was a phenomenal faux pas, an eyebrow raiser indeed!

A succinct film with a unique concept yet weak storyline failed at Garima’s box office.

My Ratings: 2/5


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